Cards Against Inanity was created by Brooke Allen and many people have contributed by inventing games that use these cards.

Some have changed their lives in amazing ways by taking the questions seriously and choosing to live by design instead of by default. Others have used them to explore their humanity.

Creative types have used them to help design characters for books and movies or to help get into character when acting a part.

They have been used by high school students to help decide who they will be, by college freshmen to get the most out of college, by seniors to prepare for life and  by unemployed people looking for work.

The questions on the CAI decks are great conversation starters whether on a date, creating a business team or when talking with your grandchildren.

Use them any way you want. If you think of a creative way of using them them please go here and tell us about it.

CAI and is owned by Viral Virtue, Inc. a company incorporated in New Jersey with the mission to get virtue to go viral.